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McCall Field Services proudly offers the below suite of services in multiple states


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Our team of HUD qualified conveyance field reps will conduct a site inspection of any FHA insured asset to determine if a property can be deemed ready for conveyance. While on site any work that can be completed for within the FHA allowable will be performed and any required estimates will be submitted within 48 hours of work order assignment.
Our highly trained field reps will visit a property and determine occupancy status utilizing a ten-point identification system. Upon vacant status confirmation our team will take all actions as specified by each individual customer specification to secure the property and perform any immediate repairs or submit estimates to ensure no risk of further deterioration is present.
Our field reps are qualified in the practice of reglazing windows, replacing window panes, frames, muttons, casings, or sills. In the case of special order items our reps work diligently to ensure minimal delay is experienced.
Our landscape reps utilize state of the art equipment including commercial grade mowers, weed eaters, edger’s, and blowers. Our philosophy with our reps is to make every property maintained appear as the best manicured property on the block. In instances were lawns are in poor condition or suffering from drought, disease, or deterioration estimates are supplied to our customers to ensure an accurate portrayal of the condition of the lawn. Upon estimate approval our team can treat for disease and pest infestations, re-sod, fertilize, or seed as required to produce a thick and healthy green lawn.
Our field reps consist of former general contractors, residential developers, as well as many landscape architects. Through site evaluation and a survey of surrounding properties our specialized team can prepare an estimate to remove dead or overgrown vegetation, replace dead or diseased vegetation, install new trees, shrubs, plants or ground cover. Throughout the estimate process careful research and consideration is given to HOA as well as local municipality guidelines and regulations to ensure all services performed meet with regional requirements.
Whether a property needs minor touch up, graffiti abatement, or full interior and exterior painting services, our field reps utilize the highest quality equipment to provide the most professional appearance.
During the on hiring process of any new field rep McCall Field Services takes great care to train boarding practices to the current HUD specification. Local municipality requirements are also taken into consideration for special handling such as the painting of exterior portions of boarding visible from the street. Our crews are taught the proper width of plywood, type of acceptable material, spacing of strong backs length of carriage bolts, and the strength and integrity of the finished product through resistance testing upon completion of a boarding.
Upon receiving an order to allow access our field reps will make contact with any third party needing access to a property the same business day an order is received. We work closely with the schedule of the third party as well as communicate meeting times, appointments, or missed meetings to our customer’s immediately as information becomes available.
Select representatives within our field force are trained on the specifications of carrying out an eviction order. Our crews will meet local law enforcement on site at a property arriving approximately 30 minutes prior to

the scheduled appointment with the Sherriff or Constable. While on site our crews will perform lock change services by securing all entries, installing client required lock boxes, and placing any personal items to the curb as outlined by local ordinance.

Our crews are taught that this is a very difficult time for the displaced occupant and that displaying respect and compassion is an absolute practice that must be adhered to. Great care is taken to carefully handle personal belongings.

Depending on our customers’ requests and cost allowable our field reps can take immediate action to abate active roof leaks as discovered through the means of installing a tarp with furling strips to secure to the roof. If appropriate estimates or a call from the field to the customer is placed to ensure immediate action can be taken to preserve and protect from further damages. Through strong relationships with certified contractors as well as roofing companies McCall Field Services can also prepare estimates ranging from minor repairs and patches to full tear off and replacement. All work performed is in compliance with local and state building code and all applicable permits and city inspections are adhered to as required.
When circumstances deem appropriate or a local municipality requires a mortgagee to demolish an unsafe structure McCall Field Services will work to provide the most economical estimate for demolition services, lot clearing, grading, and reseeding as required by local code.
Though rare in FL, as customers require dry winterizations are performed by McCall Field Service Reps to the proper HUD procedures and specifications. Services consist of electric and water service shut down, draining of water heater tanks, blowing of domestic lines, pressure testing to 35 psi, installing non toxic marine grade propylene glycol, zip tying main gate valves closed, taping breakers in the off position, and affixing all warnings and labels as required by customers or HUD Specifications
McCall Field Service field reps are trained in the practice of changing locks in a fashion to avoid damages to any entry door. Many of our reps employ the use of lock picking tools to gain entry without any damage to existing hardware. Our company is well equipped with multiple key code combinations and can easily adapt to any customer specific key code or lock box code. In the case of custom high end or digital entry systems McCall Field Services employs the use of specialized locksmiths to ensure the highest quality product is delivered.
In our service portfolio the removal of debris and hazardous items is handled in accordance with customer specifications with careful attention to local and state requirements. Our field reps are required to transport debris or hazardous items to an approved facility and are required to produce a bill of lathing or facility receipt as required. Items are transported in either a box truck or trailer or flat trailer with plywood sidewalls and tarp covers to ensure no debris is lost while in transport.
At our customer’s instruction our field reps will remove and store or dispose of personal property items left in a vacant dwelling in accordance with local law. Our inner office staff will inquire of our customer if an eviction was carried out, or if a broker or third party may have confirming information to ensure the risk of liability from a claim of stolen properties is negated.
This service offering can be complex in the FL market as certain municipalities require that vehicle removal without title must be coordinated with the sheriff and a licensed impound agent. Prior to submission of an estimate to remove a vehicle local jurisdiction is consulted to ensure that the vehicle can be removed or if the use of a licensed impound company and tagging of the vehicle by the Sherriff is required.
As needed McCall Field Services will prepare estimates to cure violations against properties to ensure that the mortgagee is left with a clear and marketable title. Our senior level field reps will coordinate the research and communication with local city and state agencies to include visits to the city, site inspections at properties, hearing attendance, or HOA inspection reviews. Upon determination of required work McCall Field Services will prepare estimates, obtain permits and notices of commencement, and coordinate the communication and commencement of repairs and sign offs between property owners and city or state agencies. Our vast experience in coordinating repairs and curing violations ranges from the simple and mundane such as landscape overgrowth or pool securing, to more complex repairs such as full house rewires, roofing, siding, or extensive renovations.
McCall Field Services maintains strong relationships in each of our service markets with local licensed, bonded and insured plumbers to ensure low or no cost bids can be provided for the simplest of repairs to full renovations.
McCall Field Services prides themselves on the diversity of their field rep base. With backgrounds ranging from new home construction, window companies, general contractors, painters, electricians, landscape architects, property managers, to horticulturalists, and pest control agents no job is to big or too small for our experienced and qualified agents.
Great attention to detail is paid to ensure all services provided are supported with customer and industry required photography along each step of the way. Our field reps are trained to represent before, during, and after images of all services either estimated or completed. Clear and concise representation along with the appropriate size, and labeling requirements ensure that our clients have a self read photo essay of each expenditure.
Many of the customers of McCall Field Services entrust us with the full care and turnover of an REO asset to include the initial trash out service, lawn care, tree and shrub maintenance, lock change and lock box services, emergency abatement, full maid or janitorial services, carpet cleaning, light bulb replacement and smoke detector installation. Our philosophy with REO turnover is to exceed our customer’s expectation so the agent or broker who will conduct sales efforts has the best product offering. Detailed estimates of all work recommended are also provided to our customers free of charge at the time of services rendered.
Whether an initial maid service or a reoccurring touch up our field reps will clean a property top to bottom as our customers require. General services include cleaning of all light fixtures and ceiling fans, cleaning closet or cabinet shelves, wiping down window ledges, cleaning kitchen and bathroom counters, sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning carpets, cleaning commodes and bath tubs, removal of cobwebs, cleaning appliances, placement or replacement of air fresheners, installing smoke detectors as needed, and replacement of light bulbs.


At McCall Field services we understand the importance of preserving, protecting, and ensuring the marketability of every asset entrusted to us. From initial boarding of an asset in Pre-foreclosure stages through REO and end disposition our trained professionals meticulously observe, report, and take all actions our client base authorizes to ensure your highest rate of return is recognized.